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Airlines D-JAirlines D-J - Complete listings and information resource for all major airlines starting with D to J. Delta Airlines, Eastern Airways, EasyJet, EVA Airlines, Great Plains Airlines, Japan Airlines and more.

Hooters Airlines operates a hub from Myrtle beach, South Carolina, serving destinations in several American states. Route map, reservation and corporate information.

HootersAir.com no longer exists. So it would seem they're no longer running.

Hooter Airline

Hooter Airline

Hooters Airlines operates a hub from Myrtle beach, South Carolina, serving destinations in several neighboring states.

Myrtle Beach, SC Airline Base

Myrtle Beach, SC, one of the top tourist destinations in the continental United States and voted Best Family Beach Destination by The Travel Channel for 2003. With nearly 14 million visitors a year, it is no surprise that Myrtle Beach, with over 60 miles of warm, sandy beaches, is such a popular vacation choice for millions of Americans. If limitless vacation options are what you are loooking for, then Myrtle Beach has them and Hooter Airline has the information about them , giving you finger-tip access to everything there is to know about "The Grand Strand".

Advantages to Flying Hooter Airline

Easy to buy! Fun to fly!
Non stop jet service! All Boeing fleet!
One-Way Fares
No advance purchase requirements
No Saturday night stay requirements - travel when you want!
Extra leg room!
Real food on most flights!
One class configuration in the cabin - We call it Club Class!
All leather seats
The best customer service!
The same great flight crews plus two Hooters Girls on every flight!
A great experience that enlivens the senses and puts the fun back in flying!

Hooter Airline (Click to enlarge)

The Hooter Airline route map, effective December 18, 2003.

Online Reservations

Website no longer works

Telephone Reservations

United States 1-888-359-4668, 1-888-FLY HOOT

Reservations are made by calling and must be paid for at time of booking. Reservations may be booked and paid for on the internet.

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