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Scandinavian AirlinesScandinavian Airlines - A selection of Scandinavian airlines with emphasis upon budget airlines although major carriers included. Brief Scandinavian airlines business summary with links for reservations.

European AirlinesEuropean Airlines - Budget and major European airlines sorted by destination and area of operation. Association of European Airlines. British, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Irish, French and Scandinavian airlines listed.

Airlines S-ZAirlines S-Z - Complete listings and information resource for all major airlines, starting S to Z. Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Thai Airlines, TWA, United Airlines and more.

SAS Airlines flys more than 23 million passengers to 92 destinations in 31 countries. SAS Airlines has more than 343,400 flights each year. SAS Eurobonus frequent flyer program, payback program and reservation information.

SAS Airlines

SAS Airlines

SAS Airlines flys more than 23 million passengers to 92 destinations in 31 countries. SAS Airlines has more than 343,400 flights each year. SAS Airlines uses a global traffic system that provides travelers with convenient and efficient connections between continents, countries, and towns, and enables SAS Airlines to continue to be successful in an increasingly competitive market.

SAS EuroBonus - frequent flyer program

SAS EuroBonus the frequent flyer program that unlocks a world of privileges and awards.

As a frequent flyer with SAS, and one of the most valued customers SAS Airlines have learned that customers expect high quality and freedom of choice.

Membership levels

There are three membership levels in SAS EuroBonus, Basic, Silver and Gold. Membership level is determined by the number of Basic points earnt during a qualification period.

Members receive special discounts on hotel rooms and car rentals, and gain access to a range of special offers for EuroBonus members only, including the privilege of using your EuroBonus card as an electronic ticket on SAS flights and much more.

Start exchanging your points for bonus trips and special offers as soon as you have accumulated a sufficient number of points. The number of points required varies from country to country.

Payback Program

It's easy to say to you "thank you for flying with SAS", but SAS Airlines believe that actions speak louder than words. So to show appreciation for the thousands of miles your company flies every year, we?re offering a genuine reward. This programme is designed predominately for SME?s.

SAS is the only airline that puts customers first and pays them back.

Introducing the Payback Programme - a new and innovative approach to business travel that does exactly what it says. Fly Scandinavian Airlines and get your company payed back with up to 20 free SAS flights or cashback.

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Online Reservations

SAS Airlines - Global portal offering localised websites. Onlinse service available; plan and book flights, offers, news, corporate travel, Eurobonus, timetables and more.

Telephone Reservations

United Kingdom (local-call charge) 0870-60 727 727 and 020-8990 7159

United States (toll-free) 800-221 2350

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